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At Montbleu, we help to re-imagine business processes and build innovative digital products for an impeccable customer experience and faster time to market. Consulting-led approach on product strategy, shifting the paradigm from R&D intensity to R&D efficiency helps launch right products to the right market at shortest time to market right from advisory to design, implementation, and launch.

Knowledge Based Engineering

Engineering Enterprise Enablement – Automation & Technology
Automated framework for higher productivity, knowledge retention, and improved design process
Engineering Analytics – Improve operational efficiency, optimize development life cycle and improve time to market.

Cost Efficiency

Identification of inefficient processes; benchmarking of SG&A costs compared to industry peers/best practices; assessment and quantification of improvement effects; support with implementation.

Business Process Transformation

Project governance, clear reporting and meeting structures and operational support to implement transformation programs and adapt the organization during execution while ensuring full transparency and aligned communication.

Digital Services / Capabilities

Delivering business success

We develop smart and intuitive solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. With experienced professionals and agile methodologies, we efficiently overcome the expectations of customer business goals. Ready to Improve your Business Performance?

Product and Services Innovation
Product and Services Innovation

With a product development process, Montbleu can design, build and launch digital products with impact and scale.

Deep Design Expertise
Deep Design Expertise

Montbleu combines expertise in human-centered design, business strategy and financial analytics to drive growth.

Transform Customer Experience
Transform Customer Experience

Leverage human-centered design to improve CX by optimizing customer interaction and removing friction.

Go To Market Faster
Go To Market Faster

Unlock extra value with custom-made product design services and new business models with closer user connection.


Automotive Embedded

Your full-service technology partner that provides solution design and delivery excellence

Accelerating the transformation to software – defined vehicles


We focus on Embedded Software Development and help to transform the processes and methods on it. We are able to take over the complete responsibility for SW and its supporting/necessary processes.

User Experience Engineering Services


ADAS Engineering Services


Software Testing & Test Automation Services


ECU Software Engineering Services

Automotive E/E Domain Capabilities

Firmware, Middleware
Firmware, Middleware

System Architecture and Partitioning, MCU Firmware, HAL, Protocol Stack Development, Power Management, OTA Firmware upgrades.

Device Drivers
Device Drivers

Kernel Device Drivers such as: Bus Drivers, Wifi Drivers, Audio & video Drivers, Camera Sensor Drivers, Display Drivers, MIC Drivers.

Bootloader Development
Bootloader Development

Bootloader Development / Porting and hardening on different architecture platforms, Boot time optimization, Customized API Development.

OS Porting and Customization
OS Porting and Customization

RTOS Porting / Development: Linux, uCos, eCOS, System Android Porting Development, Optimal performance with low memory footprint.

Automotive Software

Quality management
ISO 9001 - 2015,
Automotive SPICE

Functional safety
ISO 26262,
IEC 61508

Engineering as a Service

GCC as a Service

Simulation as a Service

Mechanical Simulation Services

  • Model Build(Meshing-NVH, Crash & Durability) ​
  • Linear Static Analysis​
  • Nonlinear Static Analysis​
  • Modal Analysis​
  • Frequency Response Analysis​
  • Transient Dynamic Analysis​
  • Buckling Analysis​
  • Thermal Analysis​
  • Coupled Field Analysis​
  • Fatigue Analysis​
  • Crash Analysis​
  • CFD Analysis​
  • System Simulation-1D modelling​
  • Electromagnetic Simulation

Simulation as a Service

Structural Analysis

This particular scenario involves an extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) investigation, focusing on assessing the structural performance and refining the design of a truck frame. Employing advanced simulations, the objective was to bolster load-bearing capability, minimize weight, and enhance overall efficiency.

Crash or Impact Analysis

The main goals of this Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was to evaluate the structural integrity of the vehicle in frontal collisions, assess the performance of restraint systems, and offer guidance for design improvements to comply with Euro NCAP standards. LS-DYNA, renowned for its explicit dynamics features, was utilized to simulate the complex interactions in a controlled frontal crash scenario, enabling a thorough investigation of forces, deformations, and safety measures for occupants.

CFD Analysis (External Flow)​

The aerodynamic characteristics of a vehicle play a crucial role in its fuel efficiency, stability, and overall dynamics. This project offers an intricate Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) investigation centered on the external airflow around an automobile. By conducting extensive simulations, the objective was to assess aerodynamic forces, pinpoint regions contributing to drag, and suggest design enhancements to boost vehicle performance and efficiency.

CFD Analysis (Internal Flow)​

Effective and dependable pump operation is essential for numerous industrial applications. This research presents a thorough Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) investigation into the internal flow dynamics of a pump, employing Fluent software. The aim was to comprehend fluid dynamics, pressure distribution, and overall performance attributes within the pump to refine its design for improved efficiency and reliability.

CFD Analysis (Car Cabin Internal Thermal Flow)

This project details an extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) examination of the internal airflow within a vehicle cockpit, utilizing Fluent software. The objective was to grasp airflow patterns, temperature distributions, and occupant comfort levels, with the aim of refining the cockpit design to enhance aerodynamics and thermal regulation​.

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