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We provide superior quality solutions, keeping the focus on helping our customers reach their business goals.

Digital Services
Digital Services

Combining expertise in human-centered design consulting and business strategy, we build digital experiences that drive adoption and profitable growth for businesses and maximum value for customers.

GCC as a Service
GCC as a Service

From inception to maturity, Montbleu has been instrumental in supporting GCCs in their local assessment, incorporation, tax structures, payroll, transfer pricing, etc till the company can normalize their operations.

ERD Services
ERD Services

We deliver business-aligned engineering software services at a flexible scale for bespoke applications, products, and platforms through our efficient and effective delivery.

Talent as a Service
Talent as a Service

At Montbleu, we provide a unique approach to talent acquisition. Our ``Talent as a Service`` offering grants you access to a pool of pre-assessed, highly qualified professionals. We harness innovative talent acquisition solutions to tap into elite developer communities and peer networks, ensuring you have access to the best talent for your needs.




Our most recent
digital and ERD projects.


We are dedicated to propelling the next wave of AI-driven innovation.


We bring an integrated set of capabilities to the industry spanning product strategy, go-to-market, change management and much more.

Internet of Things

The internet of things – a vast network of sensors and smart devices combined with advanced analytics and cloud services promises to augment many industry sectors.


Semiconductors remain critical in advancing breakthrough technologies, including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, autonomous driving, IoT and global 5G deployment.

IT services

Full spectrum of IT services helping companies manage costs, transform operations, innovate, spot new market opportunities and emerge as industry leaders.


New sensing, thinking

We are uniquely positioned with leading embedded software development to deliver highly complex sensor systems with accuracy, security and reliability, develop comprehensive automotive interior sensing capabilities to help OEMs and Tier1s to accelerate and scale the delivery of autonomous complex projects.

Connected and Multiplicity of Services New E/E architecture

The demand for connected and multiplicity of services is increasing dramatically as vehicles become more autonomous, shared, and electric, and more users expect uniquely personalized experiences. We help OEMs and tier-ones meet the need for flexible, dynamic and creative functionalities by connecting users, vehicles and the wider software-defined world through rich and digital user experiences. 

New energy management

Developing and integrating new functionalities to bring them to market faster, accelerate EV agendas using robust and verified solutions.

We help to achieve
mutual goals.

Best in class digital and engineering R & D services.

Consulting - led approach.

Product Localization & G-local platform development.


Join our team to
create the best digital

We keep growing and so will you – That’s why we work on your very own career plan and strive to offer you many professional and personal benefits.

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