ROAD – Drive It Safe

Realtime Onboard Assessment of Driving


  • Replacing speculative approaches for calculating road risks with precise data-driven strategy
  • Attracting low risk drivers who appreciate being rewarded for their safe driving behavior
  • Encouraging smarter, safer driving behavior through feedback coaching and incentives

"Our vision is to bring down the road accident rates by 20% and coach drivers based on their driving behaviour"

ROAD app...reduces accident rate by 20%

Smartphone App

Electronics Device




Insurers and fleets

Safer Society

Less fatalities and injuries


Less pollution & CO2 (*)

Corporate Knowledge

Relevant data for Analysis


  • Useful for motor insurers and fleets
  • Predictive in Real Time
    Key feature to reduce accident rate by 20% (by alerting driver)


Available for all kinds of personal and professional vehicles

Value for Fleets

  • Alerts driver in real time with anticipation
  • Avoids a potential accident
  • Reduces accident rate by 20%
  • Provides drivers scoring
  • Reduces the number of severe injuries
  • Reduces repair and replacement costs
  • Reduces worker’s compensation costs and number of days away from work
  • Copes with Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Helps for a better negotiation with motor insurer
  • Improves images with customer (less late delivery due to accident)

Usage Based Insurance Architecture


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