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Hire Phase: A Multistep Screening Process


Training Phase - Real Workday Simulation

Working on Actual Projects

50% of the program consists of working on real-life projects in agile teams

High Quality Curriculum

The curriculum imparts highly relevant skills to the trainee, and as a result, increases the likelihood of their deployment in projects using these skills agile teams

Daily Training

Daily training from 9 am to 5 pm

Continuous Feedback

Tutors are always on hand to help solve problems and review code

Learning by Doing

Developers start coding from day 1

Peer Learning

We provide a supportive environment where peers can learn from each other


Real work life simulation

A normal day simulates a real workday as much as possible. In addition to training programs, it consists of coding, daily scrum, agile development and a code review.

Career Mobility Courses - A Snapshot

Career Mobility Courses - A Snapshot

Hire-Train-Deploy | Advantages of the Program

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